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Some talk about responsibility. You take it on.

Acting Sustainably and Communicating Responsibly

Do good and talk about it. Communication, however, requires a clear strategy that is focused on the overall corporate strategy. With our concepts, we ensure that communication is tailored to our external and internal stakeholders. We also take care of topics such as branding and brand management and lay the foundation to live up to our corporate responsibility. Acting responsibly is an integral part of our company principles:

“We assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily business.”

This is why we work on sustainable topics in several areas, both from a strategic and operational angle. These include areas such as waste and recycling management as well as energy and environmental innovations. In addition, we develop draft directives and drive innovation of new technologies, systems, and processes. We define ambitious sustainability goals and are working hard to ensure their realization. Using our know-how, we provide support to external companies and advise them on how to optimize their separation of recyclable materials and logistics routes and how to produce new products made of waste. We are convinced that waste is valuable materials in the wrong place.

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