Ein Mitarbeiter und eine Mitarbeiterin stehen mit Unterlagen auf einer Baustelle und begutachten auf dieser etwas.

Some marvel at buildings. You see beyond the facades.

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Purchasing building plots – Planning – Construction – Facility Management – Building Safety: the Real Estate Department is the Collective Home for all Real Estate Services.


As a service provider, we continuously develop the real estate strategy at the Schwarz Group administrative sites. We secure the purchase of the building plot and the required planning permission. Moreover, we are also responsible for the planning, development and construction of administration and special constructions. Following construction we ensure smooth building management for both owned and rental properties and organize all operational and safety relevant issues concerned with the real estate.

Our Construction Department


As the building owner’s representative, we assume full responsibility for tasks including the conception, planning, management and implementation of our ambitious new construction and renovation projects.  Among other things, we are responsible for negotiating and contracting planning and construction works; we also liaise with authorities, oversee the construction, and manage the project teams. If you would like to realize large projects and not just plan them, then you are in the right place.

Our Facility Management


We are responsible for the operation and management of property at all Schwarz Group central locations. In addition to technical and infrastructural facility management, we also centrally plan and physically carry out occupational safety, fire prevention, planning occupancy and relocation as well as coordinating postal and reception services.

Our Corporate Security


We supply answers to all safety-related questions. In addition to continuous monitoring of current hazards, we issue safety concepts for our administration locations and supervise the implementation of measures from planning right through to approval. After completely implementing the measures, we ensure the safety of the building in ongoing operations. It is our aim to protect employees, buildings, material assets and information.

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