Zwei Mitarbeiter stehen an ihrem Arbeitsplatz und sprechen miteinander, im Vorder- und Hintergrund hängen Pläne mit Produktzeichnungen.

Some have needs. You supply solutions.

Procurement is Crucial: the Close Tie Between Customers and Suppliers

Our customers are all Schwarz Group colleagues (Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion, PreZero and Schwarz Dienstleistungen) and we are their single point of contact for all of their own product and service requirements. This includes, for example, office equipment, refrigeration counters and shelves for the stores, material flow technology and machines, IT hardware and software as well as marketing services such as paper and printing for advertising brochures. We define the procurement procedures and ensure that they are observed.  


We place great emphasis on quality. That is why we carry out about 2,100 quality audits each year. Thanks to our know-how, we press ahead with product development and improvement to meet our requirements.  In this way, we support our Schwarz Group colleagues in their daily work and make our contribution to the company’s success.



We support our colleagues in defining their requirements and develop new ideas together. We compile a list of suppliers, carry out negotiations, conclude contracts and reduce risks. In close liaison with the departments, we work out the best possible solutions and accompany projects from their beginnings to their implementation. In that way, our colleagues are free to concentrate on their core business.

Mitarbeiter Beschaffung in Abstimmung



Thanks to structure and organization we bolster our purchasers. We undertake the operational contract and master data management as well as the analysis of all procurement data. Moreover, we continuously improve our procurement processes and develop the IT systems in use so as to generate the maximum benefit from digitization and automation.

Product Development


We have high expectations when it comes to the store furnishings for our Lidl and Kaufland customers and that is why we develop some of these ourselves. In close cooperation with procurement colleagues and the department involved, we analyze the product specifications and draw up fitting concepts and models which do them justice. We work with the most modern construction and visualization tools to do this.

Quality Assurance


Our highest priorities are quality and product safety. We monitor statutory developments and trends because, as reliable service providers for our procurement colleagues, we are always at the cutting edge of things.
Together we define the quality standards of our procurement goods whilst taking statutory regulations and standards into consideration and ensure compliance by means of careful product tests.

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