Ein Fahrer fährt gerade eine Chefin mit einem Wagen zu einem Termin.

Some are in a rut. You mobilize things.

We Get our Colleagues on the Move

We are the mobility service provider for the Schwarz Group companies. As such, we place great importance on uniform, standardized mobility solutions. We take care of 11,000 vehicles all over Germany for Schwarz Group employees. Moreover, we are also involved with the implementation of environmentally-friendly alternatives. These include, for example, e-vehicles, job tickets, e-bikes or a ride-share app for colleagues. We do everything to keep mobile over the long term.


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We are the first point of contact for our colleagues for any questions about their company cars. We process about 220 enquiries each day whilst ensuring that we provide service-oriented support and seamless organization. Our service commitment to ensure mobility also includes the trouble-free coordination of our drivers.

Operative Mobility


As an organizational unit, we contribute to providing proper guidance and to developing mobility topics for the entire Schwarz Group. In that way, we assume all operative tasks and develop corresponding strategies. These include the re-marketing of our vehicles, travel management as well as the automatization and digitization of our processes.

Project Management


As a globally active company, the ongoing development of our services is particularly important. That is why we assess existing procedures and explore new possibilities. We intend to be accountable for a competitive mobility department in future too, whilst acting, above all, in the interests of the company.

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