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Some just audit. You improve.

We Audit and Optimize Business Processes Internationally

By auditing we understand more than just checking. We audit business processes and advise our colleagues from Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion and Schwarz Dienstleistungen in an exciting, international environment. Our areas include administration, HR, real estate, procurement, IT, production and management of recyclables, audit organization, digitization and data analyses as well as internal investigations.


We devise innovative auditing approaches, develop measures to improve processes together with the departments being audited and thus generate added values for the whole corporate group.

Mitarbeiter aus dem Revisionsbereich in Abstimmung



We carry out process auditing and provide consultancy services for the Schwarz Group both at home and abroad. With innovative auditing approaches, we evaluate the internal pre-requisites and the everyday business processes in terms of compliance, effectiveness of the internal auditing systems, risk as well as efficiency. Afterwards we develop measures to bring about continuous process improvement together with the departments being audited.

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Audit Organization


We manage our audit management software to ensure optimum procedures, illustrate the audit results for (top) management and prepare internal KPIs. We are also responsible for the continuous development of our auditing processes and guidelines. Our employees are important to us and that is why we support our colleagues with individual, focused, professional development opportunities.

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Internal Investigations


We clarify compliance and fraud issues and identify the perpetrators as well as possible financial damage. By means of special preventive assessments and audits we also make a meaningful contribution to the minimization of fraud risks and process weaknesses. We are committed to preventing potential financial losses and damage to the reputation of the whole corporate group.

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Digitization and Data Analyses


We shape the transformation of auditing in the course of digitization and make modern auditing tools available. As a data analyses competence center, we support our auditing colleagues over the whole corporate group in the continuous improvement process. We use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and process mining for this. Moreover, we audit AI applications ourselves or in the course of audits.

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