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Some administer. You set up the structures.

We Structure the Retail Business

 We believe there is more to administration than handling files. In our areas of responsibility we support the operative business of the Schwarz Group by means of structured administrative processes. We provide services in such areas as Finance, Tax, Financial Reporting, Controlling and Insurance - from their implementation to optimization.


Can you identify yourself with a service provider mentality, do you like big figures and is comprehensive corporate success a top priority for you? Then you are in the right place in our administration departments.

Tax Department


We keep track of the red tape! As the first point of contact for all taxation issues, we advise our colleagues group-wide. We develop professional standards and support both national and international projects with fiscal relevance. We assist our group companies in complying with applicable fiscal laws and ensure uniform application of the law within the corporate group.

Financial Reporting


We have the numbers at our fingertips. We compile and analyze the group’s financial statement as well as the annual accounts for the German group companies.  Within the Schwarz Group we develop and optimize processes and systems for accounting and financial reporting.



We supply the basis for strategic decision-making. Thanks to our standard reports, KPIs, ad-hoc and special analyses, we supply management with the information needed to manage.  Analyses of markets and competitors are also a part of our service portfolio. One of our quality standards for this task is the individual preparation of information in accordance with the demands of the principal.

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It is our aim to secure the long-term financial independence of the Schwarz Group by means of our financial services. We cultivate close relationships with our financial partners and thus coordinate a wide portfolio of finance products. We regularly exchange information with the departments in the countries in order to optimize finance-relevant processes.

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Legal and Compliance


We comply with applicable law and internal guidelines. We are responsible for advising the departments as well as management on all legal issues. Thanks to our expertise in antitrust law, compliance, data protection as well as corporate law, we support various projects. In that way we help our colleagues to keep complex matters simple and to comply with our corporate principles.

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We play it safe. We are the first point of contact for all questions regarding insurance in general. We are responsible for the negotiation, procurement and administration of international insurance cover and thus optimize the international insurance strategy. By developing and optimizing the insurance process, we ensure quick and seamless settlement of claims.

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Corporate Organization


We promote and improve the collaboration between our colleagues. As central point of contact for topics such as the management of collaboration, projects, processes and policies besides risk management, we are responsible for our organizational infrastructure. We ensure integrated processes and policies, create transparency about ongoing projects as well as on significant risks and continuously develop our process structure further.

Become a Member of our Administration Team!

Would you describe yourself as being service-oriented, able to work with large figures or are you able to portray complex issues easily and logically? Then become a member of our administration!

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