Eine Mitarbeiterin und zwei Mitarbeiter stehen hinter einer Glaswand mit Post-Its und sprechen über diese.

Some are seeking new possibilities. You find yours with us.

If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

Our drive to improve with every passing day has made the Schwarz Group what it is today: the leading food retailer in Europe.


We thrive in the dynamic retail environment by being flexible and willing to continuously challenge and improve our existing structures and processes. Working together, we are high performers who assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily activities. Our success and our growth rest on the three pillars of performance, people and change.

The Benefits of Working with us

Compensation and Benefits

An attractive compensation package awaits you. Our internal minimum wage is 12,50 euros and therefore higher than the general statutory minimum wage. We also offer additional remuneration such as “vermögenswirksame Leistungen” (contributions to employees’ savings schemes) and different options with regards to company and private pensions.


Childcare and Family

Various childcare options await you: a company-operated day-care center, activities during school holidays and, by arrangement, a parent-child office.


Flexible Working

Subject to approval by your manager, you may work flexible hours. Provided that your duties allow, we also offer you the possibility of temporary mobile working.


Modern Working Environment

We want our employees to feel good in the workplace. Depending on your duties we will provide you with a company cell phone, tablet or specific software.


Each month, we host an onboarding event for all new employees. This event provides you with essential information on the Schwarz Group, the opportunity to get to know members of company management and useful tips for settling into your new job. This is followed by systematic onboarding in the respective department.


Mentoring  Program

From your very first day, a mentor will accompany you as you take your first steps with us. We thus ensure that you settle into your new working environment quickly and that you always know who to contact if you have any questions.


Personal Development

Our training catalog gives you an overview of available modules for the development of personal and social competences, methodological competences and leadership skills. Courses include communication, structured approaches to thinking and working, becoming flexible in your time management, change management and our manager training.


Professional Development

To foster your development, we support you in undertaking external professional development courses related to your duties. This includes specialized training courses, certifications and different continued education or postgraduate courses. Depending on the extent of the business case, we offer different possibilities of support for your professional development.

Health Care

Our employees’ health is very important to us. To safeguard it in the long term, we offer consultations with an occupational physician, medical check-ups and flu vaccinations through our occupational health services.



Exercise brings people together and is good for our physical and mental health. To make sure you can keep fit, we offer you a wide variety of sporting activities: from sports clubs for employees to cooperation with third parties and a company-owned gym at our main location.



A balanced diet is part of healthy living. Depending on the location, you can sample culinary delights in our very own restaurants. A wide selection of meals, produce of the highest quality and a complimentary piece of fruit with every main course awaits you. 


Sporting Events

We are high performers together when it comes to sport too.  We participate in regional sporting events and thus strengthen our team spirit outside of the workplace.

Corporate Benefits

Be it services, clothes or hotel offers – thanks to our partner Corporate Benefits, our employees get to enjoy many different perks.


Services at our Location

Several services such as dry cleaning and a parcel service are available to our employees at our central location. This is practical and saves both time and money, thanks to the special conditions.


Mobility Concepts

Through mobility services such as our ride-sharing app, financial contributions to the job ticket and free e-bikes we open up many different ways in which our employees can commute to work or travel between locations with ease.

Our Understanding of Leadership

Eine Einkäuferin und ein Einkäufer stehen mit einem Lieferanten vor einer Weltkarte und diskutieren.

Our managers strengthen the future sustainability of our company. They do so by forging new paths and inspiring their employees. They also provide guidance and encourage enthusiasm for change. They are role-models in terms of their forward-thinking approach and openness to change.

Eine Mitarbeiterin und zwei Mitarbeiter stehen hinter einer Glaswand mit Post-Its und sprechen über diese.

Our managers give their employees the freedom they need to make decisions. They develop their own skills in a targeted manner and support their employees in developing their skills based on requirement.

Zwei Mitarbeiterinnen sitzen an einem Tisch, ein anderer Mitarbeiter lehnt sich dazu und sie sind im Austausch.

To our managers, every person matters. They involve their employees comprehensively and in a timely manner. They also empower everyone to contribute on the basis of the common rules. At the same time, our managers are actively involved in management at all levels: They manage themselves, the team and the company. As a consequence, we can keep on achieving the best results.

Zwei Mitarbeiter sitzen in einem Besprechungsraum und ein weiterer Kollege steht und erklärt etwas.

Our managers take their responsibility seriously. They are aware of the social responsibility of our company, promote systematic approaches and continuously improve our organization.

Mitarbeiter aus dem Revisionsbereich in Abstimmung

Our managers establish trusting relationships by getting to know themselves and their employees better. They take into account the personality of everyone involved when working together. They also communicate openly and appreciatively and express praise and constructive criticism directly.

Do you share our values?

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