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Shaping the Future Together

Our employees play a key role in our success. It is therefore important to us that their daily activities correspond to their skills and experience. You can choose between the management or the specialist career path. Irrespective of which path you choose, we work with enthusiasm and experience to develop the topics we are working on and thus create a working environment providing the perfect surroundings for your further development.

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Specialist Careers

Expertise and Development

Our working environment is defined by its multitude of opportunities and varied tasks. Every day is different here. Our continuous development regularly gives rise to new areas of work. This therefore gives you the opportunity to work on new challenges again and again. We provide you with the freedom and with ample opportunities to get involved, to contribute your skill set and to develop it further.

What choosing our Specialist Careers means

Our specialist functions correspond to a specific specialist level. These levels differ in the responsibilities they entail, the complexity of the topics you will be responsible for and the required specialist knowledge.


Our current specialist levels are:


  • Pay-scale employees (subject to collective agreements)
  • Junior Professional (above collective agreement rate)
  • Professional (above collective agreement rate)
  • Senior Professional (above collective agreement rate)
  • Executive Professional (above collective agreement rate)


Depending on your experience it is possible to join us at every level.

As a specialist, your responsibilities increase with each specialist level. You are expected to continually improve your working processes, drawing on your own skills and experience, in order to optimize results.

With increased responsibility, routine tasks decrease whilst those tasks dedicated to specialist management of working processes increase. This includes the following activities:


  • Developing specialist standards and requirements and ensuring their implementation
  • Managing specialist performance
  • Supporting the development of skills in the context of daily activities
  • Advising employees on issues requiring specialist knowledge
  • Assuming responsibility for phases of a project or entire projects
  • Assuming responsibility for costs and budgets, e.g. regarding projects
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Exciting areas of work


Ranging from IT to real estate, we have something for every expert. Our dynamic environment regularly provides new challenges allowing you to contribute your expert knowledge and to continually develop on a personal and professional level.

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Targeted Measures for Professional Development


Facilitated by our HR department, a wide range of internal training courses is available to you. In addition, we also offer support with external certifications, training and higher education courses where relevant to our business.

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Varied Opportunities for Development


There is no such thing as staying put with us. At each specialist level you will enjoy many opportunities for vertical and horizontal development. It is also possible to switch from specialist to management careers and vice versa.

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Management Careers

Being a Role Model

As manager you have a direct influence on the success of our business. After all, management means assuming responsibility for people and topics. We can only meet the challenges of our dynamic work environment by establishing high-performing teams. Management, to us, is not a hobby, but a skill you can acquire. We support our managers in developing skills by offering workshops and training courses. Our leadership principles guide them in carrying out their role and are also a promise to our employees.

What choosing our Management Careers means

Our management functions correspond to a specific management level. The management levels differ depending on the responsibility for topics, personnel and the material funds they entail. Moreover, additional criteria such as decision-making competence, the variety and the scope of tasks as well as the necessary qualifications also define suitability to one of the levels.


Our current management levels are:


  • Group Leader
  • Department Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Director


Further levels exist at top management level.

As manager your main responsibility is leading employees, directly or indirectly, to varying degrees of complexity and management scope.

The higher the management level, the higher the level of management competences, ability to deal with complex issues, degree of strategic thinking and extent of foresight that is expected of you. Developing and implementing innovations gains importance with every level. Activities involving specialist knowledge and tasks decrease, leaving more time for dedication to interdisciplinary topics. 

With increased responsibility, specialist tasks decrease whilst those tasks dedicated to managing working processes and employees increase. This includes the following tasks:


  • Hiring new staff
  • Developing employees (Talent Management, competence development)
  • Disciplinary performance management
  • Organizational design
  • Conveying the corporate philosophy / strategy / objectives
  • Being a contact person for employees regarding personal matters
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Exciting Areas of Work


As service provider in a retail environment we offer many topics in a wide range of departments. This wide range offers our managers inter-departmental development opportunities within the company.

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Targeted Training Courses for Managers


We support you in assuming your managerial responsibilities by offering specifically tailored management training courses. We draw up a personalized training plan together with you, always taking your previous managerial experience into account.

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Our Understanding of Leadership


We are aware of our social responsibility as a company. At the center of our way of management are five topics.

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Toolbox - Developing Employees


We provide you with useful tools so that you are equipped for developing employees, particularly regarding leadership and collaboration matters. This includes guidelines on topics such as self-reflection, delegating tasks and providing team feedback for managers.

Are you ready to discover new paths and exciting responsibilities?

No matter at which point of your career you find yourself at the moment, we offer different ways of joining us.