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The Role of Schwarz Dienstleistungen Within the Schwarz Group

The Schwarz Group is one of the world’s leading retailers. From food production to retail trade up to recycling, we cover large parts of the value chain in food retailing. The Schwarz Group, which is active on the international stage, is mainly composed of Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion, PreZero in addition to Schwarz Dienstleistungen.


We, the Schwarz Dienstleistungen, are the central corporate services division responsible for the business units of Schwarz Group. We are responsible for bundling together and providing diverse administrative as well as operational services. We perform these services in our manifold departments.


We thrive in the dynamic retail environment by being flexible and willing to continuously challenge and improve our existing structures and processes. Working together, we are high performers who assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily activities. Find out more in our sustainability report.

Our Departments

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